Pool Services

Pool and Spa Services

Let us take care of your pool so you can simply enjoy it for once! We offer pool services ranging from one-time clean-ups to 7 days per week full-service facility care. We will work with you to determine which service in the spectrum is best for you. Whether yours is a backyard retreat, a homeowners association neighborhood pool, or a resort, we would love to care for it for you. We’ve provided pool service in St George and surrounding areas for dozens of pools.


If you like to care for your own pool but just need us to visit occasionally for repairs or to deliver some chemicals, that’s great! We can tailor services to any need you may have.

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Pool Equipment Repair and Replacement

Our motto is ‘if someone made it, we can fix it!’ We can repair and tune up every piece of equipment at your pool including your heaters, pumps, filters, automation systems, in-floor and mechanical vacuums, timers, lights, and the list goes on.


We are certified by most major manufacturers to repair and replace their equipment under their warranty terms. We spend many hours a year in classes and chat sessions with the men and women who designed, engineered, and manufactured your pool equipment. When you call Sharky you are putting your equipment in trained and certified hands you can trust.


We even work with other pool service companies to repair their customers’ equipment. If your pool guys are great at cleaning your pool but maybe not so great at keeping your equipment running, no worries! We will work with them! The bottom line is, we offer premier pool service in St. George and all of Southern Utah.

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Pool and Spa Covers

You know that automatic pool cover that was supposed to save you thousands in heat and chemicals but seems to always be out of adjustment? We can fix it! give us a call today and we will patch that hole or replace the broken ropes. If your cover has lived a good life but it’s time for replacement, we can help you choose a new one and install it for you.


Only have a spa? We sell covers for that too! call today to get yours ordered!

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Staff Training and Code Compliance

We can train your staff in their duties including testing and balancing the water, maintaining equipment, keeping records and log sheets, sampling water for bacteria, what to do in emergencies with human waste accidents, and more. Call today to set up a one time or on-going training session.


We are pool nerds. For fun we read tech manuals and water chemistry reports. we have even been known to curl up under a blanket with a nice thick copy of the state code of rules and regulations for commercial pools and spas! Let us visit your facility so we can show you the things you may be missing in your operation BEFORE the health inspector shows up. We will work with your to make sure you are in compliance with state regulations which can lower your liability and exposure to potential accidents.

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Automation, Orp, Salt Systems

We can add equipment to your existing system that will automatically monitor your pool water and dose chemicals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! These systems are sometimes called “automation” or “ORP systems” and are actually REQUIRED on some commercial pools and spas.


Have you heard your neighbors talking about their ‘salt water pool?’ If Google and Siri haven’t answered all your questions about what your neighbor is talking about, give us a call and we’ll fill you in!

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